Spirulina/Astaxanthin Stick on Glass Aquarium Fish Shrimp Food Tablets Minerals


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Unique design with the use of high quality adhesive can tightly adhere the tablets to the glass of aquarium fish tank to facilitate the observation of and will not pollute the water due to scattered feeds.

Six major bacteria groups: Probiotic groups added: Natto bacteria, Lactobacillus plantarum, Bifidobacterium, Lactobacillus Acidophillus, Actinomycetes.

Nutrition Balances: using an optimized formula containing fish protein and algea, viatmins and minerals. Add antibody enzymes, a variety of unsaturated fatty acids and amino acids.


Raw materials:

Imported fish meal, shrimp powder, silkworm cocoon powder, crustaceans, beans, cereals, vegetables, spirulina, a variety of vitamins, a variety of mineral nutrients, astaxanthin and so on.



The tablet is affixed to the glass of the aquarium, and various types of ornamental fish can be fed. The feeding behavior of the fish can also be carefully observed. When feeding on bottom fish (pleco, corys and other  omnivorous ornamental fish), simply drop the tablets into the water and let it sink into the bottom of the tank. Feed the fish several times a day, but each time with a small amount. It is advisable to feed only within 1-2 hour