Fertilizers and Substrate Additives

We are now distributor of NilocG Fertilizers - Best Aquarium Plant Liquid Fertilizers in the USA

Investing in a good aquarium plant fertilizer means you truly care about your planted tank. The scope of using both liquid and dry aquarium fertilizers is to make your aquatic plants thrive while maintaining a healthy environment for your fish. As such, Thrive aquarium fertilizers have been designed with all essential micro and macronutrients necessary to maintain a balanced environment.

Our aquarium plant fertilizers include Thrive caps as well as Thrive liquid fertilizers. These are easy to dose DIY supplements that require no other products to manage your planted aquariums due to the simple pump designed for spill-free dosing.

Browse through our selection below and find the supplements that best fit your needs. Boost the health of your aquarium with a simple click from home.