Shrimp Snacks are a tasty snack for your shrimp, crabs or snails.

By their own flavors of the natural ingredients in the various flavors shrimp and Co. are immediately curious and the appetite is stimulated. The Shrimp Snacks offer vitamins, minerals, trace elements, etc., which are a great addition to the main food for your animals.

Once on the ground the sticks or tablets disintegrate relatively quickly, so that each animal (and particularly the smaller ones) gets something without stress. A number of positive ingredients make the Shrimp Snacks into a valuable snack for your aquarium inhabitants.



Shrimp Dinner - feed line is the main daily meal for balanced nutrition of ornamental shrimp.

All essential nutrients and natural vitamins for healthy development, successful molting, growth, colors and good reproduction are included. In addition, especially for baby shrimp Shrimp Baby Food is a high-protein feeding formulas with zooplankton, natural vitamins, minerals and high in omega-3 fatty acid content.

Bacter AE Micro Powder adds important microorganisms, amino acids and enzymes to your aquarium. It improves water quality and enhances the development of the biofilm, which is required of shrimp and especially their offspring.