About Us

Jungle Aquashrimp is an online shop in USA!


As I started this hobby with a planted tank about 10 years ago, I feel pretty excited to see how my plants grew and to see the fish enjoy living in there.

I always got inspired with the pictures of underwater aquascape, when the artists use natural rocks, driftwood combined with plants to create such a beautiful aquascape. And of course Sir. Takashi Amano is my best inspiration. I have done many aquascapes since then and I know I never stop as the hobby keeps growing.

Same thing happened when I got my first cherry shrimps. It is so peaceful and relaxing to watch the little shrimps going around the tank. I tried to create the best environment and give them the best food. They never stop breeding and live so happy. As the hobby going, I have more chances to try out more different types of shrimps...from Neocaridina to Caridina. I got hooked with Crystal Bee Shrimp as for they impressive beautiful color. These shrimps is sensitive and need a special environment to live in and breed. All the products I bring in the shop are very popular and confidently using by all Crystal Bee Shrimp Breeders around the world. I have used them myself and never fail with my shrimps.


I hope to expand and help more people into the hobby (planted tanks, aquascapings and shrimps hobby). I will bring more of the best products in the shop and update helpful information in the hobby in the Blog section.