Aquarium Fish Shrimp Tube Clay Shelters Hiding and Breeding Cave

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Aquarium Fish Shrimp Tube Clay Shelters





100% brand new and high quality.


-Ideal for furnishing fresh water aquariums.


-Outside of breeding time, a popular spot to hide out for shrimps or fish.


-Design a natural living environment for the shrimp to shelter or to generate , you could use some small thread to bundle the moss on the product constitute a nature living environment.


-Suitable for small size fishes and shrimps to hide out or breed.





Material: Ceramic clay


Size Dimesion: see picture for reference

Color: As the pictures shown.



Package includes:


Aquarium shrimp tubes. Choose from 3 tubes or 6 tubes attached. 



Build a playground for your shrimps to hide and play

Made of ceramic clay with filtration function. Can be used to mount plants on top like Moss, Anubias, Ferns, and Bucephalandras etc.