Cologne Shrimp Food CSF Exclusive Series - Pure Mineral

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CSF Pure Mineral is a mineral feed in the stick form. The first of its kind and unique in this form!


CSF Pure Mineral is not a main food, it is an extra-food - which is full of minerals,

micronutrients, vitamins,  dietary fiber, and bio active micro nutrients.

It has also a very quick dissolubility in water.

You can feed it 3-4 times a week to supply your shrimp with all nessessary substances.

It therefore helps your shrimp with molting.


High quality minerals
trace elements
bioactive micronutrients


ash 66.9%
crude 6.6%
Crude fiber 0.59%
Crude fat 0.59%
residual moisture <5.5%


It is supplied in a 50g glass pot.

Product Weight: 142g.

Diameter of sticks: 3mm

Consistency hard: Quick soluble.

CSF Pure Mineral has been tested in advance of many well-known breeders.