Jungle Aquashrimp

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This is for Juvenile to Young Adult Green Jade Shrimps (1/4" - 1/2"). They are not big, but not small either. And ready to breed in the new home.


Shrimps will be random picked. We will try our best to get both good male and female.

Shrimps might lose color during transit. But they should get their color back within 1 week.


Best water parameter:

PH: 7.0-7.6

GH: 7-9

KH: 2-6

TDS: 120-250

Temperature: 68F-74F


Shipping policy:

Shrimps will be packed with insulation and shipped FREE via USPS Priority.

Express Shipping are also available for extra.

Shrimps will only be shipped out on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday to be safe. We are committed to pack and ship all your orders out within 24 hours. Your order will arrive within 3 business days or less depending on your vicinity to North Carolina.

Shrimp will be alive for up to 2 weeks without any food and with proper shipping and package. So do not worry if there's any USPS delay with your shipment. 


DOA policy:

It is rarely happened. But in case of DOA, please submit a CLEAR photo of unopened bag within 2 hours after package is received in first attempt, a refund will be issued for the deceased shrimp. Please note the +2 is bonus and to cover any DOA. Please only report DOA if you have more than 2 shrimp arrive DOA. 



Check out our blog for how to prepare/acclimate your shrimps:




These are popular among the shrimp hobby and are great for people getting into the hobby. A general rule of thumb of keeping shrimps is 10 shrimps per gallon. Green Jades Shrimps are non-aggressive and spend most of their time eating algae and biofilm off plants, glass, and substrate. They make excellent clean up crews for aquascape tanks. 

Green Jades Shrimps are easy to care for as they require remineralized RO water or tap. If you are using tap, keep in mind to check for any harmful metals or chemicals in the water as all tap water is different and some aren't safe to use. When using fertilizer, make sure it does not contain copper as it is harmful to the shrimp’s health.


Although there are multiple colors of neocaridina in the same line, it is not recommended to mix them to keep the genes to be the purist it can be. If you do however mix the colors, you will most likely end up with wild brown colored offsprings.

Common Name: Green Jade Shrimp, Green Emerald Shrimp

Green Jade Shrimps are one of the newest Neocaridina to come out. Their cool color pops in lighter substrates. Their color ranges from light lime green to dark green. Although dark green is the highest grade for Green Jades, some people prefer a lighter green color so the green is most visible.

When Green Jades are stressed, not adjusted to the tank, or even just be fine can turn blue or have a blue hue. We advise to give them some time and they should revert back to green. This process doesn't happen in a day and should be given a few days to adjust its colors.


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Happy Shrimpy!!!