How to Prepare/Acclimate Freshwater Shrimps

Posted by Jungle Aquashrimp - Giao Truong on Feb 1st 2022

In this blog, I will show you how to prepare and acclimate your shrimps when you receive it from us or other company. This is my method and base on my experience.

What you need:

- A small clean container. I normally use a breeding box that can be hang on the side of the aquarium.

- Drip Acclimation kit, including airtube and air control valve

- Tube Holder, something to hold the tube in the aquarium

What to do when you receive the box of your shrimps order:

1/ First open the box, check for DOA (Death on Arrival) inside the bag. Then cut off the bag and release the shrimps with water into the container.

2/ If there's no DOA, skip to step 3.

 - If there's any DOA, remove the deaths and add enough water conditioner/dechlorinator (maybe 1-2 drops) into the container. This will help remove any toxic and ammonia cause by the dead animals.The water conditioner that I use is either Seachem Prime or Brightwell Aquaitc ShrimpPrep.

3/ Temperature: leave the shrimp in the container for 30-60 minutes so the water can reach room temperature. This might take longer in case it is too cold or too hot in your area. DO NOT FLOAT breather bags in your aquarium, it will kill the shrimps.

 - If you have temperature tester, you can use it to test temperature in your aquarium and the container to make sure it get similar.

4/ Drip Acclimation: this is very important. This is to ensure the shrimps will get used to with the water parameter in their new home. Using the Drip Acclimation kit and set it at 1 drop per 2-3 seconds (from the aquarium into the container) for about 30 minutes, then set the kit at 1 drop per second for another 30 minutes.

5/ Finish: net out the shrimps into their new home. Do not add the water back into the aquarium.

Enjoy watching the shrimps and relax!