Dried Mulberry Leaves

Jungle Aquashrimp

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100% Natural Dry Leaves


Mulberry Leaves are rich in :
- carbohydrates + essential vitamins + fibers.
- minerals such as calcium, potassium and iron which helps to maintain the shrimp's exoskeleton.
- 100% completely free from chemical residues.  
- Perfect for dwarf shrimps and every invertebrates.
- It helps to build stronger vivid shell for shrimps.
- It helps to provide live natural environment for freshwater aquarium tank.
- Reduces the risk of bacterial and fungal outbreaks.
- Provides bio-film grazing .
- Helps improves  shell process.
- Reduces mortality rate during all stages.
Mulberry leaves are among the food that proves 
beneficial to health.  This is due to its dense nutrient 
content such as:
- Vitamin A, B1, B2, 
- Minerals like Iron, Zinc, Sodium, Potassium, Magnesium
and electrolytes. 
- Mulberry leaves are used in herbal medicine, health cuisine.  It has strong healing and anti-bacterial properties and it is used around the world.


Mulberry Leaves provide an excellent alternative food for your shrimp.  Unlike most .  Leaves are a natural part of a shrimp habitat and help support beneficial biofilm.  These Mulberry leaves are 100% organic and safe for all aquarium inhabitants.


Usage: You can add Mulberry Leaves directly to your tank.  They can take several days to sink.  If you wish to boil them first the will sink faster and release some of their tannins so it won't discolor your water as much.  Do not add more then 1 leave per 2 gallons or so in a week.  If you add too many leaves too quickly to your tank you can cause problems with water quality by changing parameters too quickly.


Package: choose from 10/20/50 leaves packages. Leaves are sized from 4in-7in and might be broken during shipping. 


Notes: Boiling the leaves and letting it cool down before putting into the tank are always recommended.