Dried Jackfruit Leaves (Katahal Leaves)

Jungle Aquashrimp

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100% Natural Dry Leaves

Benefits of using Jackfruit leaves in your shrimp tank:

  • Reduces the risk of bacterial and fungal outbreaks
  • Provides great natural cover
  • Provides biofilm grazing
  • Stimulates breeding
  • Relieves stress
  • Mildly reduces pH


It seems that most all the leaves we utilize in our aquariums provide some medicinal or antibacterial and antifungal properties. Leaves of the Katahal, which is also known as the Jackfruit tree, are no different and also have healing properties for human use.

Originating from south India, Katahal is from the same family as the Mulberry tree and has many positive uses in the aquarium. For fish, they have great nutritional value in the leaves and in the surface growing biofilm.

These tropical botanicals make a great addition to any aquarium with shrimp or fish, young or old. Killifish, Apistogramma, and other dwarf cichlids love them at 1 to 2 leaves per 10 gallons of aquarium volume. Like most other leaves it is recommended to boil them for a couple minutes to help them sink faster in the aquarium.


Notes: Boiling the leaves and letting it cool down before putting into the tank are always recommended.