Dried Guava Leaves

Jungle Aquashrimp

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100% Natural Dry Leaves

Benefits of using Guava leaves in your shrimp tank:

  • Have anti-bacterial properties
  • Help to prevent diseases such as Vibrio and Luminous Bacteria
  • Great source of food for shrimp

Guava leaves soften much more slowly than other dried leaves and do not break down as quickly, therefore these leaves will not require replacing/removing as frequently.



Guava leaves are a great food source for shrimp and fish in the aquarium and many species love eating the biofilm the leaves create. These leaves contain polyphenols, carotenoids, flavonoids and tannins. Carotenoids have been suggested in scientific studies to aid spawning health of both the parent and the offspring.


Guava leaves produce less tannins than catappa leaves and last longer in the aquarium before breaking down. If you prefer a lighter tannin color try Guava leaves. They can be boiled for a few minutes to help them sink right away if you prefer. Shrimp will enjoy feeding on the leaves after being boiled for several minutes.



Package: choose from 20/50/100/200 leaves packages. Leaves are sized around 4in (10cm) and might be broken during shipping. 





Notes: Boiling the leaves and letting it cool down before putting into the tank are always recommended.