Genchem NO-Planaria (Opened Bag/Used)


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This is for opened bag/used Genchem No Planaria. Each bag is 80-99% full. Expiration date till next year. This is good to have and control Planaria and Hydra. Might or might not include dosing spoon.



Genchem NO-Planaria 50g is a worm disinfectant in aquarium (including planaria and hydra)


  • Keep Planaria away with no harming shrimp and plant.
  • Safe and Biodegradable.
  • Control in 72 hours

Ingredient: Herb extract



  • During the treatment, you should not feed your shrimps.
  • Remove carbon filter prior to dosing and wathc out the dissolved oxygen.
  • Take out of planaria body after dosing to avoid amonia.
  • Don't overdose in case of mortality.
  • Some snails are sensitive to Genchem NO-Planaria. Remove snails before treatment for safety.