Aquarium Glass Feeding Tube Straight with Trumpet Open - 30cm

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The aquarium glass feeding tube is great for feeding shrimp, small tropical fish, bottom feeder or pleco, etc.
Fresh and saltwater approved. 100% brand new and high quality.


Feeding is simple with the glass feeding tube, easily adding all kinds of food (especially powder food) on tube top, will not drift to the surface or the full tank water pollution, Food sinks directly into glass feeding dish and water.


Glass feeding tube can be purchased separately or together with with feeding dish as a combo. 


Material: high crystal glass
Length: 30cm
Diameter of Tube top: 3.5cm

Diameter of Tube bottom: 1.5cm 
Style: trumpet open
Color: Transparent
Usage: aquarium feeding
Shape: straight


Include: glass tube, 2x strong quality suction cups