Amano Shrimp - Caridina Multidentata

Jungle Aquashrimp

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This is for Juvenile to Young Adult Amano Shrimps (1/2"-1"). They are not big, but not small either.


Shrimps will be random picked. Unsexed.

Shrimps might lose color during transit. But they should get their color back within 1 week.


Best water parameter:

pH 6.0 - 8.0
gH 3 - 12
kH 0 - 6

TDS 80-300

Temperature 64 – 82F


Shipping policy:

Shrimps will be packed with insulation and shipped via USPS Priority or UPS.

Express Shipping are also available for extra.

Shrimps will only be shipped out on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Saturday to be safe. We are committed to pack and ship all your orders out within 24 hours. Your order will arrive within 3 business days or less depending on your vicinity to North Carolina.

Shrimp will be alive for up to 2 weeks without any food and with proper shipping and package. So do not worry if there's any USPS delay with your shipment. 


DOA policy:

It is rarely happened. But in case of DOA, please submit a CLEAR photo of unopened bag within 2 hours after package is received in first attempt, a refund will be issued for the deceased shrimp. Please note the +2 is bonus and to cover any DOA. Please only report DOA if you have more than 2 shrimp arrive DOA. 



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These are popular among the shrimp hobby and are great for people getting into the hobby. A general rule of thumb of keeping shrimps is 10 shrimps per gallon. Amano Shrimp are non-aggressive and spend most of their time eating algae and biofilm off plants, glass, and substrate. They make excellent clean up crews for aquascape tanks. 

Amano Shrimp were introduced to the aquatics trade during the 1980's by planted aquaria guru Takashi Amano, when he noticed this species excellent algae eating capabilities. Must be kept in groups as Amano Shrimp live in large social colonies in the wild. Will stay hidden a lot of the time and will enjoy browsing on various types of algae (including hair algae) that have formed on plants and decor. Do not keep with any large or aggressive fish species as they will become an expensive meal. As with all shrimp species, acclimatisation must be carried out slowly and carefully. If ever you need to medicate an aquarium containing Amano Shrimp, please check with the manufacturer that the intended medication is safe with shrimp, as not all are. Amano Shrimps will moult regularly whilst growing, and the sudden appearance of perfectly formed shrimp casings on the floor of the aquarium can cause alarm to fishkeepers who have not seen this before. Once the shrimp has moulted, it will remain hidden for a time until the new shell hardens and it has a bit more protection. Often also seen on sale as Amano Plant Shrimp or Japonica Shrimp. 


Scientific/Common Name: Caridina Multidentata, Caridina Japonica, Amano Shrimp, Yamato Shrimp


Amano Shrimp Breeding

A question we get a lot is regarding Amano Shrimp Breeding. Amano Shrimp are difficult to breed in captivity. Their eggs and larvae require brackish water to survive and flourish. Some breeders have found some success but with very low survival rates.


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