Tourmaline ceramic mineral balls - 10mm

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Tourmaline Mineral Balls give better water quality by deionizing water and provide essential minerals for neocaradina/caradina shrimp growth. These benificial minerals improve molting failure, enhance survival rate of baby shrimps, as well as brighten body color of the shrimps.

Size: 10mm (diameter) ball


- Recommended: 1x 10mm ball can be used for about 4 liters of water.

- Put Tourmaline Mineral Balls directly inside the tank or filter. The minerals will be released slowly. 

- When the nutrients of the soil are losing or GH is low, Tourmaline Mineral Balls can be used to improve it.

Since the process is slow and continuous, so shrimps are able to adapt to it.

- Mineral balls can last for 1-2 years

Contents: Essential minerals : magnesium, aluminum, iron, boron and so on.