Streamside Leptodictyum Moss

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This is for 1 dry golfball size portion of Streamside Leptodictyum Moss (see third picture) - very thick and generous portion with nice color, can be enough to spread out to 3x3in area or more. 



Overview: This is not Stringy moss or Willow Moss. 

This is true Streamside Leptodictyum, not the same as the upright-growing so-called "Stringy moss". Its shoots grow horizontally, or rather, in all directions and more dense. Very nice moss for aquascaping. 


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Lighting conditions: Low-Medium-High

Difficulty: Easy

Growth Rate: Slow


Care: just like other moss, Leptodictyum Riparium moss can be tied and grown on rocks, driftwood or mesh. The moss can also grow on top of substrate as a carpet. Very nice moss for aquascaping!

Leptodictyum riparium - Streamside Leptodictyum moss