"Mini" Java Fern Rare Live Aquatic Freshwater Aquarium Plant

Jungle Aquashrimp

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This is for Mini Java Fern. You will get the same plant/clump in the 1st picture! The plant is growing fully submerged. The Mini Java Fern's leaves will stay smaller and shorter than regular Java Fern.

DOA policy:

It is rarely happened. But in case of DOA, please submit a CLEAR photo of unopened bag within 2 hours after package is received in first attempt, a refund will be issued for the deceased plants.



A fantastic mini version of the popular java fern. MICROSORIUM PTEROPUS. "Mini" is more suited to smaller aquariums or nano tanks, and in larger aquaria to create a sense of scale. Like all Java Fern it requires attaching to wood. If planted in the bottom of the aquarium you should not cover the rhizome because it will rot. As the leaves are smaller this plant can be used to create a bigger sense of scale within the aquarium.