Cologne Shrimp Food CSF Schnecko fit (Snail Feed)

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CSF Schnecko Fit is a supplementary feed specially made for soft water snails and also for other invertebrates. 

- Ideal for snails, which are kept in soft water.

- Prevent Housing/Shell damage.

** Now even better ** + oyster shells

Snails need for housing construction lime.

Under natural conditions, can absorb the lime from the water or on the plantar surface of calcareous rocks snails.

Besides delicious herbal components such as spinach, carrots, dandelion, red pepper and sea algae, this stick contains calcium. Calcium carbonate is insoluble in water, so do not harden the aquarium water. Snails can utilize calcium carbonate and used for housing construction.

There is no risk of overfeeding.

Oyster shells
Calcium carbonate
Crude ash 26.7
Crude protein 11.0
Crude fiber 11.3
Crude fat 2.5


Package: 10g, 25g or 100g. Please note the 10g and 25g package might be weighed, labeled and packed in zip lock bag or come in bottles depend on our stock.