Aura Blue

Aura Blue Shrimp


Aura Blues are a variation are of the Caridina Serrata. As with all Caridina Serrata / Tupfel Shrimp, the Aura Blue comes with dark dots across its body. Tupfel shrimp has gained a lot of popularity in Germany, with breeders working on newer colorations.


  • Scientific Name: Caridina Serrata
  • Common Name: Aura Blue, Blue Tupfel
  • Origin: China
  • pH: 6.2-7.8
  • Temp: 64-78°F
  • TDS: 80-220
  • KH: 0-2
  • GH: 6-10
  • Fertility: High
  • Difficulty: Moderate

Grading and Variations

Not to be confused with the Blue (Rili) Shrimp or Blue Pearls (neocaridina sp.). The Aura Blue (caridina serrata) is similar in coloration but has dark dots and/or bands along its body.