Snowball Shimp

The Snowball Shrimp is a clear variation of the Blue Pearl, originating from South East Asia, it derives its names from its eggs, which look resemble tiny white snowballs. It shares the same hardiness and fertility as its neocaridina heteropoda cousins, i.e. the Red Cherry Shrimp, and will interbreed readily with the other species. Snowballs used to be classified as neocaridina cf. zhangjiajiensis, but have been recently reclassified as neocaridina cf. palmata.


  • Scientific Name: Neocaridina cf. Palmata
  • Common Name: Snowball Shrimp
  • Origin: China
  • pH: 6.0-8.0
  • Temp: 64-84°F
  • TDS: 80-400
  • KH: 0-10
  • GH: 4-14
  • Fertility: High
  • Difficulty: Easy

Grading and Variations

Snowball Shrimp are transparent, with a white saddle and white eggs.