Princess Bee

Princess Bee Shrimp


The Princess Bee shrimp is of paracaridina and originates from Vietnam. Resembling a low grade CBS, this wild form is known to interbreed with caridina cantonensis (CRS/CBS, Taiwan Bees, Tigers). The Princess Bee originates from very soft acidic waters, but breeders have acclimated the species to pH as high as 8 and harder waters (TDS up to 500).


  • Scientific Name: Paracaradina “Princess Bee’
  • Common Name: Princess Bee Shrimp, Hue Bee (Honey Vietnamese)
  • Origin: Vietnam
  • pH: 5.6-6.2
  • Temp: 68-77°F
  • TDS: 80-140
  • KH: 0-1
  • GH: 4-6
  • Fertility: Medium
  • Difficulty: Moderate