Posted by Giao D Truong on Sep 8th 2016

This is an article on how to set up a Caridina Taiwan Bee/Crystal shrimp tank by professional breeder Truong Nhut Giang (Riversun) in Vietnam. This tank he set up for one of his customer. Here is step by step with pictures and I also provide some recommended replacements for hobbyists in the US on the products he uses in the setup.

Follow the link for more info on varieties of Caridina shrimps:

Tank: 70x40x40cm (divided half by glass into 2 side, the glass also has 2 drilled holes that's covered by fine stainless steel mesh to prevent shrimps from going but water still can pass through between side 1 and side 2)

Substrate: Mosura Red Soil

Additives: Mosura BT-9, Mosura Old Sea Mud Powder, Prodibio Biodigest, Prodibio StopAmmo

Filter: Undergravel Filter, Jebo canister filter, Sicce 350 Canister Filter, DF700 canister (bypass filter), Air pump, Sponge Bio Sera L150 Filter

Filter Media: Sponge, Eheim Substrat pro, Seachem Matrix, Seachem Denitrate

Mineral: RO/distilled water with SaltyShrimp GH+

Step 1: prepare the tank and filters. glue/tape them with foil insulation on all sides. It is rather hot in Vietnam, so foil insulation will provide an effective vapor barrier and also provides superior protection against radiant heat transfer.

Step 2: Install the undergravel filter on both sides of the tank

Step 3: prepare substrate and additives, in this case we used 2 bags of Mosura Red Soil (6L), Mosura BT-9 and Old Sea Mud Powder.

Mosura Red Soil is not really available in the US market, but we still have other good buffering substrates for setting up like ADA Aquasoil Amazonia, Africana, Akadama, Brightwell Volcanic, Controsoil etc.

Other additives products can be used for replacement if desired:

Benibachi: Super Bacteria Bee Max and Mironecton Powder Mineral for Shrimp

BorneoWild: Enlive and Minerax

Step 4: Started to spread a layer of Mosura BT-9 and Old Sea Mud Powder in the tank, note that we did not put the additive on top of the undergravel filter, just around it.

Step 5: pour 1 bag of Mosura Red Soil into 2 sides of the tank, cover evenly on the undergravel filter and additives

Step 6: continue to spread BT-9 and Old Sea Mud Powder additives evenly

Step 7: pour the other bag of Mosura Red Soil into the tank. Make sure the substrate is cover the bottom of the glass divider, use Sand Flattener to keep the substrate flat and smooth.

Step 8: Install Sera Bio Sponge Filters

Light on:

Step 9: now fill the tank with RO/distilled water

While waiting for the water to fill in, prepare the filter system. It is not possible to over filter an aquarium, although it is possible to have too much current for the shrimp. SO depending on your choice to choose the best filter system for your shrimps. In this case, we use:

The main filter: Sicce 350 - full Seachem Matrix

Water from side 1 of the tank will run through a small Jebo canister filter (have sponge and Eheim Substrat Pro), then run to the main filter. The main filter connected to chiller and bypass DF700 to split the water back into 2 sides of the tank.

Step 10: decorate the tank with some cholla woods (tie some moss on)

Step 11: Run filters, air pump and lights on to speed up the cycle. Dose Prodibio BioDigest start and StopAmmo start. These vials help created a healthy Bacteria system for any aquarium setup and maintenance. All of Jungle Aqua Shrimp tanks using these products

Finish setup, now waiting for the cycle is done to introduce shrimps: