SL-Aqua Magic Powder

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SL-Aqua Magic Powder will increase beneficial bacteria in the shrimp tank.  Used regularly to ensure good water quality and stability, maintain good health of the shrimp, help digestion, protect the digestive tract, improve feeding efficiency, and increase survival of shrimp. 


Magic Powder is a bacteria and enzyme products that promote the growth of microfauna and beneficial bacteria in the water and the shrimp's digestive tract. Will also improve water quality and supports your shrimp's digestive system. 


Magic Powder is also one of the products used in the very popular SL-Aqua Cycling method.  It provides food for the bacteria during the cycle process.





1. Spread on the soil when setting up new tank.

2. Add in tank with feeds.

3. The dosage can be increased when you have more shrimps.

4. It is not recommended to keep the food in a refrigerated and damp area.

Weight: 40g



Ingredients: Complex Bacteria, Comprehensive Enzyme. 100% GMO-Free

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