Minitaiwan Moss Rare Live Aquatic Plant

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This is for 1 dry golfball size portion of Minitaiwan Moss (see third picture) - very thick and generous portion with nice color, can be enough to spread out to 3x3in area or more. 



Overview: Mini Taiwan moss" was introduced into trade several years ago in Singapore. As the name suggests, it looks a lot like Taiwan moss (Taxiphyllum alternans) but grows a little smaller, thicker when kept under the same conditions. Prof. Benito C. Tan (Singapore) found out that it belongs to the genus Isopterygium, which is closely related to the genus Taxiphyllum. 


Lighting conditions: Low-Medium-High

Difficulty: Easy

Growth Rate: Slow


Carejust like other moss, Minitaiwan moss can be tied and grown on rocks, driftwood or mesh. The moss can also grow on top of substrate as a carpet. Very nice moss for aquascaping!

Minitaiwan Moss - Isopterygium sp.