Medium Bonsai Driftwood Tree On Rock for Aquarium Shrimp Planted Tank Aquascape - BB2778

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This is for the exact bonsai driftwood tree you see in the first picture.

Dimension: Approx 8H x 7W x 10L (in) - Size is for preference and can be differed from tree to tree. Please see picture for better understanding.

Please also check out my store/listing for other bonsai driftwood trees available.



Bonsai driftwood tree is 100% made by handicraft, natural materials and skillful artist. Each tree is unique. It is best suitable for aquascaping planted aquarium, freshwater aquarium, nature aquarium, bonsai layouts, arowana tank, fish tank, shrimp tank, terrarium, paludarium or a exclusively decorative item for either interior or exterior. Bonsai driftwood is all made by totally natural driftwood & handicraft in many shapes and styles to create natural appearance for your décor choices, mini landscape, natural bonsai layouts by combining well with many types of rock, moss, bucep, plants, air plants…  

Safe for water environment, fish, shrimp...


•         Bonsai driftwood contains tannic acid, so it will soften the water(KH level) and therefore lower the pH level

•          Safe for water environment

•           Easy to create a beautiful landscape layout with many kind of rocks

•         Last for very long time in submerge condition

•         Provides cover for fish, shrimp while stabilizing water environment & creating the most natural and beautiful layout for your water world.

Treatment before use:

Bonsai driftwood contains tannic acid, a natural compound occurring that stains water yellow or brown-tannins are responsible for creating “blackwater” habitats like the Amazon River. To prevent tannins from affecting your water chemistry, boil the bonsai driftwood or soak it for a peroid of 1 week before adding it to the tank. Boiling and soaking driftwood will help facilitate the release of the tannins, thus decreasing the chance that the bonsai driftwood will cause a pH drop in your tank.


Note: There might be broken pieces/branches happened during shipping.We will try our bests to insulate and prevent that. If it happens, simple method is to use super glue/gel glue (100% aquarium safe), it will stick together very good.