Cologne Shrimp Food CSF Ultimate Sample Food (9 Packs - Good Amount)

Cologne Shrimp Food (CSF)

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CSF Ultimate Sample Shrimp Food for all your pet shrimps and invertebrates.


Choose from 5g bags, 10g bags or 20g bags of each food for your package. 



Macro Pro: supplementary food for improving immune system and breeding

Bee Pollen: natural bee pollen that can accelerate growth

Mulberry+: color lining


Baby Pro: powder feeding formulas for baby/young juveniles as well as adults

CSF Nettle +: is a complementary feed for all invertebrates and catfish with added peppers

Edge Omnia pro: shrimp staple food

Bee Mix:  additional feed with additional proteins

CSF Schnecko Fit: supplementary feed specially made for soft water snails and also for other invertebrates

CSF Hokkaido: natural food with vitamins, minerals and trace elements 





This sample package here for you to successfully keep and breed

Invertebrates. Natural nutrition in balanced

and best mixes for your invertebrates


Please note the food might be weighed, labeled and packed in zip lock bag or come in bottles depend on our stock. 


Please check our website for product information.