BorneoWild (BW) Ebi Net - Shrimp Net

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BORNEOWILD (BW) EBI NET (with 3D net design) makes catching shrimps much easier and less stressful. The Ebi Net is a light weight and functional net specially designed for the selection and catching of small shrimps in a heavily loaded aquarium.

The squarish acrylic handle allows a firm, anti-slip grip that maximizes the ease of control of the net. The net is made of soft but durable material firmly secured to the handle with a stainless steel ring. The net stays erect in a funnel shape offering a minimum hassle netting experience. There is also no worries about shrimps entangling their legs or getting trapped.

Size: 30cm (Ebi Net 1) or 45cm (Ebi Net 2)