Benibachi Gold Food 50g

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Benibachi Gold Food 50g is the premium food caridina species. Made from 100% natural ingredients.

Benibachi Gold Food boosts both color and growth of the shrimps.

Due to its high calcium content Benibachi Gold Food also promotes a thicker shell giving better coloration to the shrimp.


Benibachi Gold Food is designed for baby and adult shrimp varieties Caridina species. With mixed of large and small size of food pellets.


Made from 100 % organic ingredients , clearly it strengthens both growth and improves the colors. Used for long term gives the colors depth.


It is a wealth of minerals and nutrients ( chitin , chitosan , calcium , etc. ) guarantees a constant, steady development of young shrimp , and an adults shrimps provides optimal amount of minerals necessary to maintain the hard armor and beautiful colors. GOLD packaging SHRIMP FOOD contains 50g of food in the leaves 30g and 20g pellets. The food is designed and suitable for both baby and adult shrimp , making it the most economical food in its class. It is recommended to give interchangeably with organic foods without pesticides Benibachi Dry Kale and Spinach.


kelp powder, yeast, calcium, vitamin, minerals,chitin and chitosan natural extracts



It can be give daily in an amount that shrimp can finish within 2 hour. When given together with other foods, in particular with an organic Dry Spinach or Kale can restrict feeding to not overfeed shrimp.

It is important to avoid overfeeding.