40x Stems of Baby Tears Hemianthus Micranthemoides Live Aquatic Freshwater Aquarium Plant

Jungle Aquashrimp

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This is for 40x stems of Baby Tears Hemianthus Micranthemoides. Each stem is about 4-5in long. See first photo. The plant is submerged growth in our planted aquarium. Not tissue culture.

DOA policy:

It is rarely happened. But in case of DOA, please submit a CLEAR photo of unopened bag within 2 hours after package is received in first attempt, a refund will be issued for the deceased plants.



Hemianthus micranthemoides, also known as Micranthemum micranthemoides, pearl grass and pearl weed, is a popular aquatic plant most commonly used in aquascaping. It is very similar to H. callitrichoides, but has somewhat larger leaves. It belongs to the group of aquarium plants commonly known as "pearl weed"